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We partner with advisors, either via an ongoing portfolio advice fee or a once-off introduction fee. (Advisors can also earn fees with respect to other business referrals – for example, treasury management and foreign exchange services.)


BayHill Capital specialises in building local and global private share portfolios (PSPs), based on a client’s personal appetite and ambition. Our services are ideal for investors who are looking for a more hands-on approach to investment decisions, often complementing their collective investment scheme funds (unit trusts).

PSPs are also useful for financial planners, allowing them to offer clients direct share portfolios. Private client portfolios are an important adjunct for discretionary assets allocation, where, for example, compulsory money is invested in unit trusts and other funds. To this end, BayHill Capital facilitates the potential inclusion of a client’s voluntary and surplus assets into the financial planner’s management of the overall portfolio. (Client assets that are outside advice are brought in, under advice.) We also pay a once-off introduction fee with regard to portfolios referred to us (where the planner does not charge an advice fee).

Our share portfolios can be constructed for both voluntary assets (after tax wealth) as well as portfolios in compulsory ‘wrappers’ such as preservation funds, retirement annuities and living annuities.


BayHill Capital offers a tailored service for directors of listed companies, and partners in audit and legal firms. We will observe closed periods for dealing in shares, or embargo any companies for which the practices work. Our reporting is bespoke, and we will assist with proxy voting where guided by the client. Via specialist structuring firms, we can also facilitate portfolio diversification for directors without disposing of their company shares.


BayHill Capital works closely with professional practices – such as law firms, and accounting and audit businesses. Their clients often require assistance with investment portfolios, which emerge from an inheritance or a testamentary trust. With BayHill Capital as an independent manager, conflicts of interest are avoided and the portfolio receives the active attention it deserves.


Client portfolios are segregated and built directly (i.e. held in the client’s name), but can also be built via various platform ‘wrappers’.


Private share portfolios (local and global)

We build a share portfolio for each client, based on a pre-agreed investment strategy. This will define the types of shares we can select and buy.

Active equity portfolios (local)

This is a service for clients seeking shorter term, opportunistic trades using equities as well as Contracts for Difference (CFDs). These portfolios are designed to have a low correlation with the market, and aim to earn returns irrespective of the market direction. Furthermore, they come with a high degree of client interaction. These can be full discretion mandates, where the BayHill Capital trading desk buys and sells on the client’s behalf, or larger, ‘co-piloted’ mandates, where the client works hand-in-hand with the trading desk.

Execution-only portfolios (local and global)

This non-discretionary portfolio gives clients full responsibility over the portfolio, which will only be traded on instruction to the trading desk – or directly by the client, online.


The portfolio management fee we charge for these services is 1% per annum, excluding VAT, while the advisor will set their advice fee. For direct clients where there is no advisor, our asset management fee is 1.25% per annum, (and we pay 50% of this as the once-off introduction fee if the business is referred to us).